A herd of cows are using 5G before you, thanks to consortium project led by Cisco.

As part of its mission to explore the potential for 5G in rural locations, 5G RuralFirst has today released Me+Moo, a smartphone app that lets you choose your own connected cow and receive daily updates beamed from sensors present on the farm. Designed to showcase the latest technology that is powering the future of agriculture, the app is an educational tool suitable for everyone from cow enthusiasts to tech-heads and agricultural workers.

What does Me+Moo do?

The Me+Moo app offers participants the chance to choose their own connected cow from a 5G RuralFirst farm and learn about how 5G technology is being used in everyday life with animals. Once a cow has been selected, app users will receive regular updates on everything from how the cows are eating to how they are sleeping using the data collected by 5G technology. Each cow has been given their own profile – similar to that you may see on a dating app – with their name and a glimpse into their own specific personality. Users are encouraged select their favourite cow, invite their friends to do the same to build their own virtual herd and compete for the top spot on the herd leaderboard. Users are also provided with regular videos and animations talking about 5G and its application on the farm.

Through daily updates and videos, the app will showcase how the connected collars monitor the movements, health and milk production of the cows. In addition, to give users insights into the real life of their cow, we have also created a series of videos to highlight some of the following technologies that make the farm a high-welfare facility:

  • Automated cow-sized brushes that start to rotate when a cow rubs up against them
  • Sensor operated curtains that open or close depending on the weather
  • Intelligent feeding system that adapts to each cow depending on how they like to eat
  • Automated milking systems that work when the cow chooses, not the farmer

Who’s behind the app?

5G RuralFirst is a co-innovation project led by Cisco alongside principal partner University of Strathclyde and a consortium of other partners from across business, government, and academia. Its first goal is to create rural test-beds and trials for 5G wireless and mobile connectivity across three main sites in the Orkney Islands, Shropshire, and Somerset. For more information about the trials and 5G RuralFirst, visit its website: 5gruralfirst.org

How do I download it?

Download on iOS or Android.

Are there any additional assets?

The following link contains a range of resources, including explainer videos, screenshots of the app and most importantly……pictures of the cows.