New Holland Agriculture is launching the new CX5 and CX6 five- and six-strawwalker combine harvester series, which stands out for its extraordinary flexibility. With four models and seven versions, this combine series delivers unique quality and performance in every field and every crop. This performance comes with best-in-class comfort of the new Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab. The high capacity, together with the highly fuel-efficient engines featuring ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliance, and the easy, quick maintenance, results in best-in-class operating costs for the customer.

Best-in-class driving and harvesting comfort.

The new Harvest Suite™ Deluxe cab integrates feedback received through extensive customer consultation to set new standards in operator comfort. With 3.7m3 of volume, it is the biggest cab in its class and comfortably accommodates two occupants..

One model for every customer, on all terrains.

The CX5 and CX6 series offers a model for every need: standard, Smart Sieve™, Laterale, Hillside, this series caters for all terrains and slopes. New Holland’s patented Smart Sieve™ system controls the lateral movement of the sieve according to the degree of the slope and the size of the grains. It neutralizes unwanted radial movement, providing perfectly balanced sieve dynamics, maintain maximum cleaning efficiency on slopes up to 25%.

Customers operating in hilly conditions can opt for the CX5.90 and CX6.90 in Laterale version, which features New Holland’s advanced automatic leveling system that provides transversal slope correction of up to 18% on both sides, ensuring even grain distribution for optimum cleaning efficiency. For severe hillside conditions, the CX5.90 Hillside is the perfect solution. Two independent hydraulic systems ensure maximum efficiency of the separation and cleaning sections.

Outstanding crop-to-crop flexibility with Multi-Thresh™ system.

New Holland’s exclusive four-drum technology, featuring the threshing drum with Multi-Tresh™ & Opti-Thresh™ system, rear beater, Rotary Separator and Straw Flow™ beater, is easy to adapt to suit a variety of crops and harvesting conditions.

The CX5 and CX6 Series offers a broad range of adaptation possibilities that means customers can count on outstanding performance with no compromise on grain or straw quality in any number of crops and conditions. This flexibility comes with extreme ease of adapting the machine from one crop to another.

The Opti-Thresh™ system adapts to crop conditions by simply repositioning the rear part of the concave, which is done without tools. The Multi-Thresh™ system adapts to different cereal varieties of varying degrees of crop maturity with two adjustment positions of the Rotary Separator concave, which offers 20% more capacity.

The standard sectional concave makes switching crops extraordinarily fast, slashing the rebuilding time from 6 hours to 20 minutes. The lower concave sections can be changed without removing the straw elevator and just by easily replacing the sectional concaves the combine is ready to deliver the best threshing quality in a different crop.

Best-in-class cleaning performance with New Holland’s exclusive Triple cascade self leveling cleaning shoe and Opti-Speed™ Strawwalker technology.

New Holland’s unique Triple-Clean™ cascaded cleaning system boosts cleaning capacity by as much as 15% with the addition of an extra cascade in the center of the grain pan. This maintains top cleaning quality when the machine’s overall capacity is optimized. A new double flight cross auger transfers grain to the elevator faster, resulting in up to 10% increase in throughput of the grain elevator system on the 6 strawwalker models.

The exclusive Opti-Speed™ featured on the higher capacity CX7 and CX8 combines is now also available on the new CX5 and CX6 Series. This system automatically adjusts the speed of the strawwalkers when working up or down slopes of up to 10% to ensure the straw is shaken evenly and any remaining kernels are extracted from the straw.

With these advanced features, the CX5 and CX6 consistently deliver best-in-class cleaning performance on all terrains and slopes.